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The way forward

The first step in recovery is to identify what the major problems are – food intolerances, mineral imbalances, abnormal intestinal colonisation – and to start treating these as soon as we can.

For this reason we like to get a hair and stool analysis done early in the programme and to get the organic acid analysis done a few weeks or months later.

Once we have ‘evidence’ we can take the appropriate action.

While we wait for the test results we start some baseline supplements – we do this because the vast majority of children have nutritional deficiencies in common, usually a deficiency of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin A.

If you are already giving your child supplements then we will look at the ingredients and advise which to continue and which can be stopped. At the end of the day it is you, the parents who make the final decision as to what therapy to give your child and we see ourselves as here to give the best possible advice in the best interest of your child.

Once we have the hair analysis result (within 2 weeks) we will know more precisely what other supplementation may be required and equally-important, whether there is a prospect that your child’s own anti-oxidant system will be able to clear accumulated toxic mineral or whether it may be necessary to assist them to do this through a process termed chelation.

When the result of the stool analysis is known we will have a clear picture of what gut issues there are and can start to re-balance the intestine and allow the gut to heal.

The organic acid analysis result allows us to ‘fine tune’ a child’s therapy so that they receive all of the supplements that they need (this can be compounded into one formula, avoiding the need to open a number of capsules each day). It also enables us to advise which supplements can be safely stopped so that a child does not have an enormous number of unnecessary supplements to take each day.

After these important issues have been addressed we monitor a child’s progress at regular intervals and we recommend a face-to-face consultation once every two to three months.

All during the programme we are available by telephone or e-mail to give advice and to monitor the course of therapy – we are just a ‘phone call away.

Every 6 months we perform a more detailed progress analysis and provide you with a type-written copy so that you can keep a permanent record of your child’s therapy and progress. At your request a copy of this report can be mailed to your child’s GP or Paediatrician.

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you may have, this does not place you under any obligation whatsoever.

Finally, please remember one very important point – we do not use any drugs or medicines in our therapy programme. We use only natural minerals, vitamins and herbal therapies. For this reason our treatment programme will not interfere in any way with any medication that your child is already receiving.

Some Autistic children, for example have epilepsy and are being treated with anti-convulsant medication ( Epilim, Valpro, Gabapentin etc) – our programme will not affect this in any way.
Others are being treated with Risperdal or Ritalin – again, there is no problem with continuing these medicines.

We look forward to being of help to you, and more importantly - to your child.