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Blood tests

- which we find are of limited value. Blood composition constantly changes in response to various factors including the time of day, the particular cellular metabolic processes that are going on at any time and whether or not the exposure to say, toxic minerals was recent or a long time before.

Some doctors check the blood for mineral levels and if serum (the fluid part of blood) is tested the results are almost always normal. It is possible to check the mineral content of red blood cells [red blood cell mercury, red blood cell magnesium and so on] and this gives a more accurate picture of the mineral ‘load’ of the body, but it does involve blood being drawn and many parents are unwilling to subject their children to this ordeal.

There is a particular blood test which can be carried out to determine whether a child’s detoxification and anti-oxidation pathways are likely to be operating normally or not [ to answer the question – is my child at risk of developing Autism?] – and this is called ‘Genomic profiling’.

At present genomic profiling is only possible by sending blood to the USA for analysis (which we can arrange) and for most parents the question is academic because their child already has Autism.