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The Environment

Our environment – the ‘space’ we live in, is hostile – it can do us harm. We don’t often come to harm because we have developed ways of managing these threats to our health. We have an immune system that can protect us from germs in our environment and from abnormal cells inside our bodies.

The two parts of our immune system – the ‘outside’ part and the ‘inside’ part – communicate with each other and with specialised organs in our bodies; they are the police forces that constantly patrol our bodies and protect us.

Some people are born with faults in these forces and some develop faults during life; and certain external influences can cause further damage to an already shaky immune system.

When the immune system fails to ‘police’ our environment we can become ill, and certain germs that would not normally be able to grow in our bodies are allowed to do so.

In the context of Autism, we very often find abnormal growths of bacteria and yeasts in the intestines of children who are affected, and one of the priorities of treatment is to identify these abnormal germs – bacteria and yeasts, and persuade them to leave. At the same time we promote the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria and yeasts which our bodies need to keep healthy.