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It is tempting to think that the majority of people in the western world exist on a diet of ‘fast’ food; this is simply not the case. Although fast food establishments are increasing turnover year by year it is still only a small percentage of the population who eat sufficient fast food so as to potentially compromise their health.

The truth is that the ‘western’ diet has evolved away from the types of food that our bodies have become accustomed to over billions of years of evolution and this, in combination with soil and water contamination could be just as significant in terms of what causes Autism as say, vaccines.

One example of the potential effect of diet on the development of Autism is seen in the case of the Eskimo nation. Eskimos consume a high percentage of their protein from fish and with this comes fish oil. The average adult Eskimo diet contains 18 grams of Omega fatty acids per day, the average ‘western’ diet contains just 1 gram per day. Autism is almost unknown in the Eskimo nation – except in cases where the families have moved to cities and adopted a ‘western’ diet.

There are many other aspects of nutrition that may have a significant effect on the development of Autism, and one of the fundamental problems that people with ASD have is an inability to absorb the full complement of nutrients from their diet.